Google releases five mini-games for Glass eyewear

In a bid to shape the future of gaming, Google Glass developers have launched the first series of games for the wearable device that’s set to hit the markets later this year. The California-based Google has released five mini-games in a bid to inspire game developers to begin efforts to create more games for its Glass wearable computing device.


These games include 

  • Fruit Ninja clone
  • Balance
  • Clay Shooter –  lets you say ‘Pull’ and you move your head to the clay pigeon in the air to shoot it.
  • Tennis –  let wearers’ use their head as a racket, Balance uses your head to shift around and stop a pile of shapes from toppling over.
  • Matcher – is a card-matching game while Shape Splitter lets you use your hands to slice shapes in mid-air.

They have been created in such a way that the device’s accelerometer, gyroscope and voice activation features can be used, said Google Glass developer’s blog post.

“Each game is visually simple and straightforward to play,” said Google.

The new mini-games for the Glass are not the first games that have been built especially for the device.

Some earlier games include BrickSimple’s multiplayer Battleship-like game dubbed ‘GlassBattle‘ and AMA’s puzzle game called ‘Escape‘.


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